New Government Agency mortgage loan rate what changes since September 2017

The mortgage landscape is very varied. In light of this aspect, it is advisable to read in depth before choosing a product. This means, for example, looking for all the specifications relating to the Government Agency mortgage rate. fleshes this out

Government Agency mortgage rate, amounts and beneficiaries

Government Agency mortgage rate, amounts and beneficiaries

Before explaining the peculiarities of the Government Agency mortgage rate, let’s see what are the characteristics of the mortgage plan proposed by the institution.

The Social Institute mortgage loan allows you to access credit for various objectives, ranging from buying a house to works to build a parking space. Of course, the amount that can be requested also changes. In the first case we speak of 300 thousand USD, in the second of 150 thousand USD (the figure can never exceed 40% of the value of the property), in the latter of 75 thousand USD.

In any case, the loan amount cannot exceed the value attributed to the property by the technicians appointed by the Institute. The same applies to the purchase price of the house, as stated in the deed of sale.

But who are the beneficiaries of the funding? The Social Institute mortgage loan is accessible by those registered for the unitary management of credit and social benefits. This is in fact the Social Institute credit fund through which the social security institution grants the economic benefits in favor of the former Government Agency members. Both public servant and retired workers are among the beneficiaries.

How to apply for an Government Agency mortgage

How to apply for an Government Agency mortgage

Another step that must be considered before going into the detail of the Government Agency mortgage rate are the methods of application.

Customers interested in these plans have the opportunity to make the request exclusively online and in the time windows indicated by Social Institute. It is possible to submit the application for funding from 1st to 10th January, from 1st to 10th May and from 1st to 10th September of each calendar year.

We remind you that these mortgages, regardless of their purpose, are accessible by the members of the Unified Management both workers and pensioners. In the first case, a permanent employment contract is binding, while in the second, it is essential to be enrolled for at least one year.

The required documents

We continue to talk about some preliminary subjects to the specifications on the Government Agency mortgage rate and remember that to access these plans it is necessary to present all the required documents, among which appears the substitutive declaration of notary deed, which the customer must complete in all its parts.

This phase must be followed with particular care, as the incorrect compilation or the presentation of an incomplete documentation imply the exclusion of the request, even if the client is in possession of all the requirements for the mortgage.

Complete requests are reviewed and accepted based on the availability of funds. In the event of a shortage, a ranking is carried out, which takes into account criteria ranging from the client’s income to the number of family members.

News Government Agency fixed and variable rate mortgage

News Government Agency fixed and variable rate mortgage

Now we can talk about the Government Agency mortgage rate, remembering that customers can choose between two very competitive alternatives, much lower than those proposed by banks. The first is the fixed rate mortgage, the second, however, is the variable rate mortgage.

The Government Agency mortgage rate is defined by Social Institute which periodically changes the Tan values ​​applied to subsidized loans. Specifically, the social security institution has recently changed the rates applied.

Change that occurred with Presidential Resolution No. 89 of 25 May 2017 and takes effect from September 2017. The above determination led to a change in the rates applied to mortgages with fixed interest. Loans to which a Tan calculated on the basis of the LTV method, ie the loan to value, has been applied since the beginning of September. Unlike what happened until recently, therefore, the Tan for fixed rate mortgages varies in relation to the ratio between the value of the mortgage and that of the property.

On the other hand, the interest applied to variable rate mortgages remained unchanged. In this case the Tan must be calculated on the basis of the 6-month Euribor, increased by 200 basis points and calculated over a period of 360 days.

The new values ​​of the Government Agency 2017 mortgage rate are shown in the table below.

The ancillary costs

The ancillary costs

Finally, we remind you that in addition to the interest rate, the borrower must also face the administration costs. Charges that are calculated with the application of a rate of 0.5% on the gross amount of the loan. Administrative expenses are withheld in advance by Social Institute which provides the loan net of these costs.

For more information on Social Institute ex Government Agency mortgages, please consult the official website of the social security institution. Those who wish to carry out a mortgage simulation can take advantage of the special online service, also on the Social Institute portal.

Credit without proof of creditworthiness

The inquiry to credit rating can be described as proof of creditworthiness, as can proof of sufficient income to repay the loan. Such is generally required if the loan is not covered by collateral.

Lending without proof of credit

Lending without proof of credit

A loan without proof of creditworthiness in the narrower sense can only be said if the lender neither obtains credit rating information nor checks the ability of the credit customer to properly repay the liability. The loan without any proof of creditworthiness generally requires the provision of collateral and is customary in the pawnshop. Insurance companies also offer their customers a credit without proof of creditworthiness by loaning an existing insurance contract.

Unsubsidized life insurance and private pension insurance are suitable for mortgage lending, whereas contracts are not suitable as collateral because this use leads to the recovery of allowances and tax benefits. Customers also perceive a new order for payment in installments from a mail order company as a credit without proof of creditworthiness, since the latter only requests proof of earnings in the case of large amounts and only makes a credit rating request once when placing the first order.

In fact, however, the merchant uses his customer’s previous payment behavior for an internal credit check. Once credit has been granted, the credit card’s credit limit can be used again at any time without further proof of creditworthiness.

The loan without credit rating

The loan without credit rating

A credit rating-free loan is often advertised as a loan without proof of creditworthiness. In fact, however, the federal credit institution uses strict criteria to check the applicant’s creditworthiness against the income and security of the existing employment contract, taking into account only the earnings from the main job. Any existing negative entries with the credit rating do not actually affect the loan, since the bank cannot submit a credit rating request.

However, it limits the amount of the loan to USD 3500 to a maximum of USD 5000; larger amounts are only awarded through a credit broker. It is not possible to take out several loans from different banks because an inquiry is made. Comparable to credit rating, this collects data on loan agreements concluded.

Credit despite receiving sickness benefits


Sickness benefit is linked to the six-week continued payment of wages and amounts to seventy percent of gross, but no more than ninety percent of net income. Households that get on with their money often need an additional loan to bridge the sickness benefit, which is often rejected by the requested financial institution.

Borrowing from commercial banks while receiving sickness benefits

Borrowing from commercial banks while receiving sickness benefits

Even if the resumption of work and, as a result, the re-payment of the previous wages is expected, financial institutions are reluctant to request a loan despite receiving sickness benefits. With automated loan application processing, in particular, they often consider sickness benefit as a temporary cash access, while they do not take current wages into account because the customer does not receive this for a loan at the time the application is made. Banks also see a certain level of uncertainty as to whether the sick employee can actually return to work.

In order to successfully apply for a loan despite receiving sickness benefits, applicants choose a bank that takes into account the special situation and in particular the wages that will come back later, and if possible attach a medical forecast to their application about the probable time of resumption of work. Often, at the beginning of their illness, employees recognize that their ability to work lasts longer than six weeks. You can therefore avoid a loan despite receiving sickness benefits by submitting the loan application while still receiving the usual continued payment of wages. If employees can already foresee the time of recovery, the salary to be expected soon can be stated in the case of an immediate loan without proof of income despite the sickness benefit.

Take out personal loan while receiving sickness benefit

Take out personal loan while receiving sickness benefit

As an alternative to a bank loan, borrowing via a platform for arranging private loans is available as a loan despite receiving sickness benefits. The lenders registered there largely make their decisions based on social criteria and subscribe to the requested loan from a sickness benefit recipient, precisely because conventional credit banks do not classify sickness benefit as a secure income. The platform operator is responsible for the loan disbursement, so that private borrowers and lenders do not learn their mutual bank and contact details.

Increase the chances of a loan with an education

A secure job is worth its weight in gold today. But to achieve this goal, you need to complete an apprenticeship and qualify yourself well. After all, the competition is big and only the best make it to the top.

If you opt for an in-company training, you can look forward to a small “pocket money” of several hundred dollars. With purely school-based training, you usually have to bear all costs yourself – from the books to the examination fees. But how to turn it around: Money is usually scarce during training and is only enough for the bare essentials.

Credit with education – the solution

Credit with education - the solution

If you want to make a bigger wish come true during your apprenticeship, an apprenticeship loan might be worth it for you. It is usually difficult to get a loan without a permanent job because security is a top priority for banks. Apart from this, there is a possibility that the apprenticeship will not be completed or that the company will not take over its former trainees. In this case you are initially without a job and still have payment obligations that you have to meet every month. You increase the chances of a loan with an education if you appoint a guarantor (e.g. your parents) who will help you with payment difficulties and repay the remaining debts.

Credit with Education – Online banks are more beneficial

Credit with Education - Online banks are more beneficial

In contrast to conventional branch banks, online banks give you a better chance of getting the loan you want. A loan with training is usually only granted for small sums of up to 5,000 dollars, since money is scarce during the apprenticeship. If you opt for a low loan amount, the monthly charge is of course not high either. This enables you to repay the loan without getting into payment difficulties. Before you decide on a particular loan, you should carry out an online comparison and compare all conditions. This way you will find the best deal and save a lot of money.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.


Loan without Private Credit Checker Score

Are you looking for a loan without a Credit Bureau Score? Then we have put together the necessary information for you that will not make the Credit Bureau Score a credit obstacle.

Credit without Credit Bureau Score – problem

Credit without Credit Bureau Score - problem

The world has become predictable through complex computer analysis. The score that the computers calculate for each individual increasingly determines the creditworthiness. It would be possible to prohibit Credit Bureau and the other score providers from storing and processing the data. In the result, no score would be recorded. However, the credit opportunities without agreeing to the Credit Bureau clause are zero within the ordinary credit system.

Only a very limited number of loan providers give you the chance to get a loan without a Credit Bureau Score. One such option would be a loan from private investors through Smava or Auxmoney. Nobody is obliged to activate the offered free certificates. If credit security can also be proven without the Credit Bureau certificate, there is a good chance that there will also be bidders for the loan request. Pledging the vehicle provides an alternative way of proving the security of the loan.

Foreign credit without a Credit Bureau Score

Foreign credit without a Credit Bureau Score

A loan without Credit Bureau, as advertised by credit intermediaries, is a loan without a Credit Bureau Score. Credit Bureau is completely excluded from the credit rating. Not even an approved loan is reported to Credit Bureau, provided there are no repayment problems.

A Swiss credit without a score can only be applied for in the amount of 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. A Liechtenstein credit bank is behind most of the advertising of the credit brokerage companies. If you apply directly, a loan without Credit Bureau from Liechtenstein costs 11.62 percent for a loan amount of $ 3,500 and an effective annual interest rate of $ 5,000.

Alternative credit options – small loan requests

Alternative credit options - small loan requests

The pawn shop offers a very simple alternative to keep Credit Bureau out of the credit business. Neither the income nor the personal creditworthiness of the borrower play a role in the loan from the pawnbroker.

The loan without a Credit Bureau Score from the pawnshop is only secured through the pawn. The loan is paid out in cash at the cash desk immediately after the contract is signed.

Credit without Private credit checker information with immediate approval.

Most banks obtain information from Private credit checker to check the creditworthiness of a loan seeker. If negative characteristics are noted in the Private credit checker information, no loan is usually granted. But there is still the alternative to a loan, the loan without Private credit checker information with immediate approval. This form of credit is equivalent to an installment loan and is repaid in small monthly installments. For many loan seekers, quick processing and immediate approval of the loan request are important.

The loan without Private credit checker information with immediate approval

The loan without Private credit checker information with immediate approval

A loan without Private credit checker information with immediate approval can be applied for on the Internet. It is advisable to use a credit broker to get the loan. Immediately after receipt of the online loan application, he will review it and, if necessary, give the immediate approval. The loan application is then sent to the applicant, who has to sign it and send it back with the required proof of income.

After that, the loan amount is usually immediately transferred to a checking account, which happens within one to two days. However, a cash check can also be requested, so that the house bank, for example, is denied access to the money required. In any case, a loan seeker can assume that a loan without Private credit checker information with immediate approval will not be recorded in any Private credit checker. The actual bank and the employer do not learn anything about this loan. This form of credit also has an advantage, the applicant’s creditworthiness is not reduced, since there is no Private credit checker entry.

The use

The use

However, the applicant must be able to prove an income that is above the garnishment limit and is employed. The employment relationship should last at least six months. Housewives or a self-employed person cannot use a loan without Private credit checker information with an immediate approval, since they usually have no regular income.

The foreign loan

The foreign loan

In the case of a loan without a Private credit checker query but with immediate approval, the foreign loans, also known as Lite Lender loans, have become established. The credit intermediary used will negotiate with these banks and give the applicant immediate approval. The provision of regular and sufficient income is relevant as collateral for these loans. The rate and the terms are set by the Lite Lender banks. Since the creditworthiness is based only on the income, the loan seeker should consider whether he can easily meet the future installment obligations.

Credit despite paid Credit bureau entry.

Taking out of a loan with a bank 

Taking out of a loan with a bank 

All relevant financial transactions are recorded in the Credit bureau. This applies to the opening of a checking account, the conclusion of a cell phone contract, the taking out of a loan with a bank or the conclusion of an installment contract with a dealer.

If the bills are always paid on time, everything is fine. However, if there are payment difficulties and thus payment defaults, this is also noted in the Credit bureau. These are negative entries. They remain saved until they are paid for. Then there is a settlement note, but for three years everyone can see that there have been difficulties in the past. Although a settlement note is positive, some banks still refuse a loan despite the Credit bureau entry being paid for.

Are there other possibilities

Are there other possibilities

The first way in this case is the house bank. This is where the consultant knows his customers and the situation can be clarified in a personal conversation. There are real chances for a loan despite the paid Credit bureau entry. However, if the advisor refuses a loan, the search remains with another branch bank or the possibility of finding a suitable bank over the Internet. If the desired loan amount is not high, a try at Centiloan & Co can be worthwhile.

This portal is not an association of banks, but private individuals. Their goal is to invest the money profitably by lending it at a higher interest rate than the banks. The special thing about it is that the borrower can determine the amount of the interest.

The members only have to agree to this, then it will work with a loan despite the Credit bureau entry being paid for. Alternatively, a loan from abroad could be applied for. Foreign banks have no insight into Credit bureau, and many consumers have already been able to implement a loan request.

Loan with small installments

A loan with small installments is particularly ideal if your own income is rather low and therefore there is little monthly financial scope to agree on higher payment rates and to be able to consistently pay them.

In combination with the long term, the rates for the loan amount are also automatically reduced, since in the end the loan amount is of course extended over a longer period of time.

A loan with small installments also has the advantage

A loan with small installments also has the advantage

Especially in the area of ​​microcredit, it is not uncommon for the borrower to prefer a longer-term so that the repayments do not restrict him financially in his monthly budget.

A loan with small installments also has the advantage that even borrowers with a lower credit rating are more likely to hope for a positive response from the lender. The rates for the loan amount are also automatically reduced since in the end the loan amount is of course extended over a longer period of time.

Ultimately, the lender himself has to weigh up how high the borrower’s default rate is and whether the loan that has been handed over can actually be repaid on time along with all the interest accruing. The smaller the installments including interest, the lower the default rate of an installment.

Find attractive loans with small installments

Find attractive loans with small installments

A loan calculator is an easy way for potential borrowers when looking for loans with small installments. Here, the runtime can be freely set before the comparison, so that the sum and the rates can be set in direct dependence on each other. Subsequently, you will not only find loans with low installments but also the cheapest provider for the conditions you have chosen.

Highly endowed loans are rarely implemented with small installments since the loan amount is usually too high for the long term to correlate the low installment payments.

Nevertheless, it is of course always an individual decision as to which rates are described as “small” or “low” because ultimately the installment payments are of course directly linked to the income of the borrower. The higher this is, the higher the installment payments can be, without any financial restrictions.